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 Apps are up!

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Apps are up! Empty
PostSubject: Apps are up!   Apps are up! I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2012 1:35 pm

To those interested in joining:
Yes, you need to fill one out. I figured that this would get some attention moreso than the READ THIS thread in the recruitment section. How our guild works is in order to be anything other than an OOC member, on an alt or otherwise, you must fill out an application. You are welcome to our Benefactor rank, which is OOC, without an application.

To those whom are already members:
I will not require members within the guild to fill one out, however I HIGHLY encourage you to. In other words, I am not forcing you, but please, please, please, PLEASE consider filling one out. It sets a good example to prospective members as well as gives us a bit of a reference sheet to work with. Anyone whom is looking at becoming an officer absolutely must fill one out, as it is a requirement.

The process:
-Go to the 'read this' thread. Read it, copy and paste the application part into a new thread. Title it [UNITNAME]"Character name's app".
-Fill it out honestly and completely. If you have any questions regarding any section, please ask any officer or the GM. Post it, and either let us know that you put one up, or wait nicely.
-If you are approved, one of the officers will contact you in-game to have a brief conversation with you, answer any questions and ask a few of our own, if we have them. You will then be brought into the guild.

Apps are up! Natesi10
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Apps are up!
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