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 [Gilnean Wall] Marrlow's Application - Approved

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[Gilnean Wall] Marrlow's Application - Approved Empty
PostSubject: [Gilnean Wall] Marrlow's Application - Approved   [Gilnean Wall] Marrlow's Application - Approved I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2012 1:10 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Marie

Age: 21

Time Zone: EST (Soon to be PST)

Characters: Nyxiam, Priest, Level 85, WRA
Marrlow, Druid, Level 55, WRA

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Since middle of Wrath.

What guilds have you been a part of in the past? What was your rank within them?

Modan Co-- Member rank (Had a specific name I can't remember)
Knights of Menethril-- Sergeant (Junior Officer)
House Sunrunner and it's variants- Officer rank
House Starfallen & Thalryn-- Member rank

What is your biggest goal for the Mists of Pandaria expansion?
Roleplay. I'll be 90 eventually.

Other than roleplay, what other aspects of the game do you enjoy?
PVP, mainly battle grounds.

How much experience do you have with roleplay, both in-game and outside of it?
I've been roleplaying since I started WoW and before that I did forum RP.

What does metagaming mean to you? Is it ever acceptable?
It's using OOC information to effect something IC with out IC knowledge. Not only is it unacceptable, it's unfair.

What do you expect from The Vanguard, as a guild?
Mostly, RP and good times.

In-Character Application

Name: Marrlow Grey

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Place of Birth: Gilneas City, Gilneas

Caste: Upper class

Unit in The Vanguard applied for?
The Gilnean Wall

Brief Appearance Description:
A short and skinny woman, Marrlow is often perceived as weak. Thin, stringy build draws compliment to the figure of someone with no detectable curves. She has brilliant green eyes which stand out against a horrifying, ugly scar that strikes the left side of her once beautiful, heart-shaped face leaving her blind in that eye and otherwise hideous. Her hair is a soft, milk chocolate brown and appears to be well kept among other things of her out-ward appearance.

In her cat form, which is her preferred style of fighting she is graceful and strong; everything that her human form neglects to display. Rarely is she seen in worgen form.

Brief History Description:
Born to an upper class family of Gilneas, Miss Grey was raised with the pomp and circumstance of upper class life. When her family lost it all in the struggle against the Forsaken, she took it upon herself to fight until she was injured. She is recently back in the saddle and wishes to use her resources and time to assist the Van Guard.

Important Quirks: Some what arrogant, but nothing out of the ordinary.

What do you have to offer to the Vanguard, and which contingent are you looking to join?
Excellent skills in stealth and tracking, I wish to join the Gilnean Wall.
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[Gilnean Wall] Marrlow's Application - Approved
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