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 Commander Gilthilas Nightfury [Character Biography]

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PostSubject: Commander Gilthilas Nightfury [Character Biography]   Commander Gilthilas Nightfury [Character Biography] I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2012 1:53 pm

1. Your full name.
Gilthilas Draedanel Nightfury

2. Occupation.
Shieldman, Armsman, Contender

3. Residence.
Darnassus, in the lands of Teldrassil.
Astranaar, in the lands of Ashenvale.
A home within the mountains of Dun Morogh.

4. Birthdate.
December 21st

5. Place of birth.

I. Childhood.
A. Describe the sort of area you grew up in.
I grew up in the peaceful forests of Ashenvale. I would often venture over mountains, and across streams, seeking imaginary adventure in a land so wide and free. I was undergoing unsuccessful training as a hunter, and later was taught swordsmanship for the upcoming threats to the land.

B. Childhood friends and enemies and why.
Most of my childhood friends have grown far apart from me now, and I had no enemies as a child. Childhood was innocent, and changed from a day to day basis. It was when we all grew up that I realized who my true friends are, and would be, and why I should have no enemies aside from those that would threaten something greater than my sense of pride.

C. Hobbies, sports played, etc.
Writing, the playing of a few instruments, engineering/tinkering.

D. Describe the type of homelife you had as a child.
My mother was the provider for our home, while my father cared for everything else. There always seemed to be a blur, for me, as a child, to who had the true control of the family or household. While he was truly the leader, she was the acting force that made it all happen. I was trained well by any who could do so to wield blades, after my attempt at using the tools of the hunt were ineffective.

II. Family
A. Father's full name.
Vael'then Nightfury

B. Mother's maiden name.
Aelise Duskwhisper

C. Brothers' names.

D. Sisters' names.

E. Any other relatives?

III. Schooling.
A. Education received, and where.
Swordsmanship training, Ashenvale

B. Military Education
Acting protector of Ashenvale from coming of age to the joining of the Kaldorei to the Alliance.
Sergeant of the Alliance military forces in the Warsong Gulch, as well as Alterac Valley.
Champion of Darnassus in the Argent Tournaments of Icecrown.

C. Arts, Specialties and other studies
Shieldman training from a comrade on the Warsong front.
Gladiatorial combat training from a comrade in the Argent Crusade.

IV. Life Experience.
A. What made you choose your present occupation?
My lands of my people, that I was born and raised in, have been attacked and destroyed by the horde and their Warchief. I seek to drive them out of where they do not belong, and to protect my home from further harm.

B. What did you do before? List odd jobs, etc. How long held and what type?
I've been a part of the military since I can remember. I defended my homeland for the majority of my life, only recently having gone to the Alterac Valley, and then to Icecrown to fight for Darnassus and offer my skills against the scourge.

C. Describe any traumatic experiences in your present occupation that have affected you deeply in some way.
I've had many experiences, traumatic or otherwise, in my present and past occupations. I'd rather not go into detail, or even go into telling stories of things that have affected me, though I will simply say war changes not only the land it's fought upon, but the people fighting it.

D. Who/what are your role models now and in childhood?

E. How do your relatives and friends view your present occupation?
They are either a part of my contingent, or fully support and back my reasoning for doing so.

F. Who/what had the most personal direct influence on your life? (person or experience)
My experience fighting for my homeland for so long. While it has left a rather large impact on my life, I'd say my experience in Icecrown, and those that were there, has changed me quite a bit to be a more open, understanding and tolerable man.

V. Skills.
A. What, in your opinion, do you do the best?
Fight, on a battlefield or an arena. Protect, myself, others, or my homeland.

B. How do you relax?
I smoke a pipe and read or sit in a calm silence before I rest.

C. What do you do that you would like to improve on?
I would like to simply improve my leadership skills. I was never seen fit to lead in the Alliance military, and seek to put my best efforts forward to lead what I have pulled together.

VI. Personal.
A. Best friend.
Hassien Athori

B. Worst enemy.
Garrosh Hellscream

C. What is your sexual preference, as far as gender goes?

D. Current girl/boy friend, or most recent.
I'd prefer not to go there right now.

E. Is girl/boy friend an occasional date or steady? Are you lovers?
See above.

F. A far as you can tell, how does girl/boy friend view you?
See above.

G. Do you see yourself settling with your current partner?
These questions don't stop, do they?

H. Are you pure, i.e. virginal?

I. Give a description of the type of place you live in, including a floor plan if possible.
I'll be damned, we're getting specifics. I own multiple homes, all of which small and simply a bedroom, with or without a fireplace, a table or two, a dresser, and a bed.

J. What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are 'available'?
Generally if a female of my race is spouting that they are available, whether they are attractive or not, I laugh at them. I have more important things to worry about than women and my sex life, and any woman worth finding or being with wouldn't be openly telling me she's available.

K. What is your code of honor?
I believe my throat would run dry before answering this one.

L. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
I will not give my homeland up to the Horde. I will not see myself crumble beneath any other influences. I will not kill those of my own faction (this is something to be discussed, as it's an entirely different story when they are in an arena.) I will not hold hatred for any man that is not of the Horde's faction. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

M. Do you have any fears or phobias?
A fear of losing control of myself, whether mentally or physically. A fear of losing my homelands, entirely, to the Horde.

N. What are your weaknesses?
Sometimes I can't be bothered to see what I need to see, or care as much as I should.

O. Describe your one 'great' love affair.
Got engaged. Then war happened. Shit changes, and I haven't seen her since Alterac Valley.

P. At present, what is the most important thing to you?
My homeland, my friends, and protecting them and my people.

Q. To what lengths would you go to achieve a goal?
Any lengths that wouldn't interfere with my long-term well being, or long-term friendships.

R. List bad habits.
Smoking, holding in emotion.

S. List personal quirks.
No thanks.

T. List vices.
Not quite sure.

U. List good qualities.

V. List favorite: color, food, clothing, weapons, drink, books, music, etc.
Forest green; roasted turkey; simple cloth shirt, leggings and boots; claymores, or a sword and shield; morning glory dew; fiction; piano.

W. What morals do you have?
I'd go into too much detail.

X. Describe your general personality.
Calm, quiet, strong and down to earth.

Y. Describe any personal tragedy. Give year, event, people, etc.
No thank you.

Z. Who is the last person you would like to run into? Why? What would be your reaction to them?
My ex-fiancee. She's a cunt. I'd walk away.

VII. Occupational.
A. What was your greatest failure?
Leaving Ashenvale just long enough for it to be overrun by the Horde.

B. What was your greatest triumph?
Keeping the Horde at bay as long as I could.

C. What have you done that was considered "outstanding" in your chosen occupation by others in the same field?
Achieved a Sergeant's rank (not quite outstanding.)
Achieved control of my own regiment.
Competed as a champion of my city and race.

D. How do you get along with others in the same occupation?
Generally quite well, though people vary quite widely.

E. How important is success in your occupation?
Obscenely important.

F. What are your long term goals?
To restore and protect Ashenvale. To create a force large enough that when or if I choose to settle, or if I was to fall, it would continue on without me.

G. What are you willing to do to obtain these goals?
Do hard work.

VIII. Travel.
A. Do you get: seasick, airsick, motionsick - auto or animal back?

B. Do you like riding animals - horses, camels, etc.?

C. Any fears about traveling?
Definitely not.

D. What steps would you take to travel overseas?
I'd go to the docks and work my way onto the boat.

E. What sort of general equipment would you take, excluding personal items such as clothing?
I would pack whatever I needed for when I arrived, though generally wherever I was going will have a home of my own nearby, or somewhere to stay until I can get there.

X. Physical.
A. Height

B. Weight

C. Measurements

D. Clothing sizes
See above.

E. Hair color
Midnight Blue

F. Hair length

G. Eye color

H. Handedness
Ambidextrous, favor right hand.

I. How attractive do you consider yourself?
Age and battle has made me quite unattractive, compared to some others. Though I suppose I'd still have an appeal to those who prefer the rugged, or well-aged look.

J. Any birthmarks or scars noticeable to the general public? Where?
A grazing blade scar down my left temple.

K. Any birthmarks or scars hidden? Where?
Too many scars to count all across my body.

L. If your features were destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
The garb I wore would be that of my peoples. Aside from that, currently no one would know enough of my body to recognize scars, though it could be possible that someone could recognize them if they saw them enough. Depending on "features" destroyed, my scar across my temple is rather memorable.

M. Do you wear any identifiable jewelry?
Yes, a silver, linked chain around my neck.

N. Do you have any tattoos?
No, though I've considered it.

O. What is your most valuable physical asset?
My build.

P. What sort of vocal tone do you have?
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Commander Gilthilas Nightfury [Character Biography]
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