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 Knight-Lieutenant Vincien Oreth [Character Biography]

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PostSubject: Knight-Lieutenant Vincien Oreth [Character Biography]   Knight-Lieutenant Vincien Oreth [Character Biography] I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 31, 2012 8:44 pm

1. Your full name.
Vincien Oreth.

2. Occupation.
First and foremost? I'm a soldier.

3. Residence.
Stormwind City.

4. Birthdate.
June 4th.

5. Place of birth.
Stormwind City.

I. Childhood.
A. Describe the sort of area you grew up in.
I grew up in the city. It was a nice part of town with a sweets shop a few doors down.

B. Childhood friends and enemies and why.
There was this one boy who was around my age who I was constantly warring over in some way. He and I would constantly fight over who was our friend and who was in our group. Two of the boys never flipped over to his side though. I always considered them my friends.

C. Hobbies, sports played, etc.
If playing a knight is a viable sport, that. Other then that, I took to art when I was young. I still remember the beating I received the first time I was caught using the walls as a canvas.

D. Describe the type of homelife you had as a child.
It was a happy one, if not a bit strict. My father and mother were both of high nobility and my father was a trained soldier. Neither me nor my sister were left wanting for anything.

II. Family
A. Father's full name.
Nicolas Oreth.

B. Mother's maiden name.
Anna Erethil

C. Brothers' names.

D. Sisters' names.

E. Any other relatives?

III. Schooling.
A. Education received, and where.
I attended a school in Stormwind once I was of age.

B. Military Education
At 12 I was squired with a Stormwind knight. I remained with him until I was 16 and then joined a military academy until the age of 19.

C. Arts, Specialties and other studies
While nothing amazing, I am a bit of an artist. I also think myself fairly skilled with the written word.

IV. Life Experience.
A. What made you choose your present occupation?
I never really thought of being anything else. My family served Stromgarde for generations and it was merely logical for me to continue that legacy.

B. What did you do before? List odd jobs, etc. How long held and what type?
A knight and soldier for the Stormwind military. I did some odd enlistment work and also saw myself signed up as a pit fighter on occasion.

C. Describe any traumatic experiences in your present occupation that have affected you deeply in some way.
I can't think of any traumatic experiences.

D. Who/what are your role models now and in childhood?
My father first and foremost as cliche as that answer might be. As well as Lord Nathiel, who I squired too. As for now? I'm not really sure. The same two still apply.

E. How do your relatives and friends view your present occupation?
They're proud of me, I know that.

F. Who/what had the most personal direct influence on your life? (person or experience)
A conversation with my father as of recent has been a bit of turning point in my life. Other then that? War. You see enough of it and you don't need to have any other influences for what you do.

V. Skills.
A. What, in your opinion, do you do the best?
Combat. I'm a solider first and foremost. I fight best with swords, though I'm extremely proud of my ability to be proficient in most heavy arms.

B. How do you relax?
Typically with a pencil and parchment. Preferably somewhere outside, I enjoy drawing scenery when I'm trying to relax. Either that or fishing and cooking. Both are things I picked up in the military from a comrade.

C. What do you do that you would like to improve on?
Probably speaking as weird as that might sound. I'm certainly not silver-tongued and I know I'm easily caught off-guard.

VI. Personal.
A. Best friend.
I sadly lost touch with my friend from the academy. I really haven't had time or ability to get close to anyone.

B. Worst enemy.
Currently? No personal ones. I could be cliche and say the Horde. Does that work?

C. What is your sexual preference, as far as gender goes?
I prefer men, though I'm perfectly fine with either or. Whichever mood I'm in, honestly.

D. Current girl/boy friend, or most recent.
My ex was a man named Warren.

E. Is girl/boy friend an occasional date or steady? Are you lovers?

F. A far as you can tell, how does girl/boy friend view you?
Probably like I'm the biggest asshole on Azeroth.

G. Do you see yourself settling with your current partner?
That's hilarious.

H. Are you pure, i.e. virginal?
Oh, yeah. I'm extremely pure. Never been touched and never touched. That whole deal.

I. Give a description of the type of place you live in, including a floor plan if possible.
A decent sized home in Stormwind. It's not amazing but it's good enough for one person. It has the basics. Living room, washroom, bedroom, study.

J. What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are 'available'?
Well first I check out to see if they're attractive. After that, I check to see if they look like they might have strings attached and if those strings are worth it or not.

K. What is your code of honor?
I don't know if I can exactly explain my code of honor. I believe in protecting my home and living up to all my promises and oaths.

L. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
Take the life of a child or betray a friend or oath.

M. Do you have any fears or phobias?
I hate spiders.

N. What are your weaknesses?
Is a pretty face viable?

O. Describe your one 'great' love affair.
I don't think I've had a 'great' love affair. My relationship with Warren was lengthy but not amazing.

P. At present, what is the most important thing to you?
Reclaiming Stromgarde and taking down the Horde. They're most recent attack to us humans will not be forgotten.

Q. To what lengths would you go to achieve a goal?
Any and all. They all need to be exterminated for their crimes. Mercy was shown before and we see how that went.

R. List bad habits.
I pick and chew on my nails, and curse a bit too much. If I'm upset, I know I have a bad tendency of overreacting.

S. List personal quirks.
I hum. Constantly.

T. List vices.
The usual. Drinking, smoking, and fucking.

U. List good qualities.
I'm generous and normally good-natured. I'm good at rolling with the punches. I'm honest.

V. List favorite: color, food, clothing, weapons, drink, books, music, etc.
I love the color blue, I adore roast boar, I prefer loose clothing, I like swords and axes, any kind of ale or wine, I prefer mysteries or adventure stories, and I love music I can dance and sing too.

W. What morals do you have?
Morals? I think that sort of ties in with my code of honor.

X. Describe your general personality.
Good-natured, honest, fairly hard-working. I like to think I'm decent to be around. I've been told I can be a bit spacey at times.

Y. Describe any personal tragedy. Give year, event, people, etc.
I'd rather not.

Z. Who is the last person you would like to run into? Why? What would be your reaction to them?
Warren without a shadow of a doubt. I'd probably cut 'em.

VII. Occupational.
A. What was your greatest failure?
Saving myself over helping a comrade. I know I could have gotten him out of there but I was scared. Fear does bad things to a man.

B. What was your greatest triumph?
My promotion to Knight-Lieutenant in the Alliance Military and after that? Taking up the command of the Crimson Order.

C. What have you done that was considered "outstanding" in your chosen occupation by others in the same field?
Is taking charge of my own regiment a viable answer?

D. How do you get along with others in the same occupation?
Well enough. I typically have a decently amiable relationship with my comrades.

E. How important is success in your occupation?
It's everything to me.

F. What are your long term goals?
To see Stromgarde restored and returned to it's people. I want to see the nation begin to rise to what it once was.

G. What are you willing to do to obtain these goals?
Absolutely anything.

VIII. Travel.
A. Do you get: seasick, airsick, motionsick - auto or animal back?
I can get seasick if I'm on a boat for more then a few hours and while I'm not a fan of flying, I luckily don't get sick when doing it. I'm find with motion. I love my chopper more then anything.

B. Do you like riding animals - horses, camels, etc.?
Horses. I own a single horse and he's my prized beauty.

C. Any fears about traveling?
No. I enjoy traveling. There's something fascinating about seeing the world. I love painting the new places I come to.

D. What steps would you take to travel overseas?
Probably figure out the most cost effective and if necessary time effective. I enjoy watching the sights as I go from one place to the other so I prefer land travel more then anything.

E. What sort of general equipment would you take, excluding personal items such as clothing?
My weapon, my armor, my horse, and my art supplies. Possibly a fishing pole and some stuff to cook with.

IX. List anything else about yourself you think is important such as mannerisms.
I have a nervous habit of cracking my knuckles and I get extremely restless when I'm excited or nervous about things.

X. Physical.
A. Height

B. Weight

C. Measurements

D. Clothing sizes
Uh... large?

E. Hair color
Dark brown, almost black.

F. Hair length
My hair comes down to my mid-back.

G. Eye color

H. Handedness
I'm left handed.

I. How attractive do you consider yourself?
I consider myself fairly attractive.

J. Any birthmarks or scars noticeable to the general public? Where?
Nothing that's noticeable.

K. Any birthmarks or scars hidden? Where?
I have a scar that cuts down my right side from when I was an idiot kid.

L. If your features were destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
Possibly the scar?

M. Do you wear any identifiable jewelry?
I wear a truesilver pendent with the sigil of Stromgarde and then another with the sigil of the Oreth house.

N. Do you have any tattoos?

O. What is your most valuable physical asset?
My eyes. If there's one thing I always get compliments on, it's my eyes.

P. What sort of vocal tone do you have?
Er... deep? I have a voice common for a man my size and build.
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Knight-Lieutenant Vincien Oreth [Character Biography]
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