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 Guild Recruitment Scene

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PostSubject: Guild Recruitment Scene   Guild Recruitment Scene I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2012 9:08 am

((Not quite IC, but I did want to preserve this here for when our guild recruitment thread gets lost on our forums. I feel it represents who we are and what we do, ICly, well.))

The tavern's back room was bright, though lit only by the scant few candles the barkeep had provided. The tabletops were laced with parchments and ink, and the fire roared cozily within its hearth. It was the sort of setting that many would seek out on a such rain-filled night, to curl up in a comfortable chair with a good tome. Tonight, however, the storm inside far exceeded the rain pattering against the paned windows.

Several were in armor and several more wore the expensive clothing of the high caste. Some bore weapons, others needed only the spells they knew would come at a mere utterance. All were greatly involved in a heated debate and all were on edge with the thick tension the air carried. A decision would need to be reached, and need to be reached soon.

The voices could be heard, though not discerned, from outside the thick door. The main room of the tavern was often full, and this night was no exception. Over the roar of the occupants, should one have skilled ears, they might have heard the whispers of the staff.

“The Vanguard, again.”
“Do they not tire? Every week, it's the same bickering.”
“How do they accomplish anything when they fight so much?”
“What do you except from mixing fallen nobility and bitter soldiers? Fighting is probably all they have left.”

Before dawn, the mutterings of barkeeps and serving girls proved irrelevant. Those within the room emerged as the tavern closed down, a sea of conflicting colors and crests. Yet, despite that fact, the Vanguard walked as a single entity. Fallen nobles and bitter soldiers they indeed were, though even they could find common ground in the grief and regret only those with ruined lives could know.

Together they would build. Together they would grow. Together they would find vengeance and redemption alike, and the Horde would learn that 'fallen' doesn't necessarily mean 'eradicated'.

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Guild Recruitment Scene
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