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 [Battalion] Janessa Kingsley Application - Approved

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[Battalion] Janessa Kingsley Application - Approved Empty
PostSubject: [Battalion] Janessa Kingsley Application - Approved   [Battalion] Janessa Kingsley Application - Approved I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 10:48 pm

Out of Character Information

Name: Savannah (Vannah)


Time Zone:EST

Characters: Elenars-Priest-87-WRA-Horde






I think that's it....

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft? Lost count......SINCE THE BEGINNING!

What guilds have you been a part of in the past? What was your rank within them? House Thalryn, just below Officer. Bloodsworn Vanguard/Apex-Officer House Avarasai-Member The Hush- Member(those are the only ones worth mentioning)

What is your biggest goal for the Mists of Pandaria expansion? Haven't decided

Other than roleplay, what other aspects of the game do you enjoy? PvE and some PvP ACHIEVES!

How much experience do you have with roleplay, both in-game and outside of it? Been Roleplaying for about.....6-7 years maybe more than that, actrees...that helps

What does metagaming mean to you? Is it ever acceptable? It is incorrect and unacceptable. Using information that your character has no way of knowing ICly, WRONG

What do you expect from The Vanguard, as a guild? To be enjoyable, active and friendly. And cookies.

In-Character Application

Name: Janessa Kingsley

Age: 26


Place of Birth:Stormwind

Caste: Noble

Unit in The Vanguard applied for? Battalion of Stormwind

Brief Appearance Description:Dark auburn hair, fair skin, femininely built with dark brown eyes.

Brief history: Family roots in Stormwind dating back to around the beginning or before the first war. They were forced to take refuge under Terenas Menethil after the fall of Stormwind though they all soon returned after the Second War concluded.
Lord David Kingsley (father) Countess Kiera Hadley (mother)

Educated at a young age, she is well versed in the manners of being a Lady. Her reading, writing, and arithmetic is superb as well as her speaking skills. Poised and graceful, a controlled tongue and temper allow her to assist in many of the politics within the city of Stormwind.

Important Quirks: Er nothing important, at this time.

What do you have to offer to the Vanguard, and which contingent are you looking to join? I offer experience and a very open mind. Wishing to learn and help others learn. I enjoy offering others company and typically seem to find myself quite hilarious......loljk! XD

Anyways, I've been a part of your group before and I look forawrd to doing more with you all.
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[Battalion] Janessa Kingsley Application - Approved
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