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 Recruitment Explanation!

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PostSubject: Recruitment Explanation!   Recruitment Explanation! I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2012 5:47 am

Are you interested in joining The Vanguard?

Here is what we look for in potential recruits:
- Over the age of 16.
- Interested in and competent at RP
- Open minded OOCly
- Literate and fairly intelligent
- Lore abiding and focused on serious development both for the character and his/her story
- Capable of finding RP on one's own, will not expect us to hold their hand
- Relatively drama free and friendly
- Genuinely interested in being a part of an OOC community, not just in an RP circle to toss a character into. We are first and foremost a circle of friends, many of whom have been playing together for years. The guild itself has been around since early 2009, and has been under the same leadership since the day it was rolled. If you're not interested in OOC friendships, this isn't the guild or RP circle for you.

As well, we ask that characters be a person's main. Obviously that's not always possible, but we do expect and enforce an inactivity cap of seven unexcused days. Should a character surpass 7 days of inactivity a message will be sent to the person both in-game and over the forums explaining that the inactivity cap was passed. The character will be removed, though may be invited back once the player returns and if there is a valid excuse for not giving us a heads-up on the unexplained absence.

Do these things apply to you? Still interested?

Here is the application, copy and paste into a new thread and away you go.

The Vanguard Recruitment Application

Out of Character Information

Name: (First name is fine)


Time Zone:

Characters: (Character name, class, spec, and server. Please include alt codes if applicable)

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

What guilds have you been a part of in the past? What was your rank within them?

What is your biggest goal for the Mists of Pandaria expansion?

Other than roleplay, what other aspects of the game do you enjoy?

How much experience do you have with roleplay, both in-game and outside of it?

What does metagaming mean to you? Is it ever acceptable?

What do you expect from The Vanguard, as a guild?

In-Character Application




Place of Birth:

Caste: ((Common or noble blood; N/A for races without castes))

Unit in The Vanguard applied for?

Brief Appearance Description:

Brief History Description:

Important Quirks: ((Things we need to know! This way we won't get blindsided by things that aren't apparent on the application.))

What do you have to offer to the Vanguard, and which contingent are you looking to join?


Feel free to whisper any of the officers after you have completed this application, or wait until one of us reads it, though this may take a day or so. Also, please know ahead of time that bringing a character into the guild will only take place after we have OOCly spoken with you and are entirely sure you will be a good fit. This will take place at the convenience of both the applicant and the officer involved.

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Recruitment Explanation!
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