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 [IC] Letter to Vincien Oreth

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PostSubject: [IC] Letter to Vincien Oreth   [IC] Letter to Vincien Oreth I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 8:03 am

Dearest Vincien,

It has been some time, my friend. I hope all is well and has been well since we spoke last. Gods know that events have at the very least been interesting on my end. Dalaran, and the Kirin Tor as a whole, have been caught in a time of mourning and suspicion. Some do not approve of ongoings, and many have left. Many others are very likely to be forced to leave. Without Archmage Rhonin here, it's been utter chaos though no one seems willing to admit it. Friends are turning against friends, murmurings of further traitors make way through throngs of people that have known each other for decades. In a city where magical disguise is taught even to the lowest apprentices, any newcomers are being treated with pure disdain.

I pray that the period of strife will end soon. We are far too busy to be dealing with the petty conflicts and vendettas that are being so eagerly brought into our midst.

However, as you likely suspect by this point, I do not write with you to pass along my unfavorable sentiments regarding conflicts I have no part in. I write to you as a friend, an old companion, with a favor to ask and information to pass. I remember well your loyalty to Stromgrade. The matter I wish to discuss and the favor I wish to ask of you is closely related to such.

Should this information fall into hands that should not hold it, I will ensure that no eyes other than yours shall ever read it. I sincerely hope that you remember how to use the following cipher. Should you not, I trust that you will make haste to Dalaran and aspire to meet with me before three days pass. In which case, should your armor make you so heavy, or should you have suffered so many martial blows, as to be unable to cast the proper teleportation spellwork, send a missive back stating so and I shall take care of your travel myself.

Ivan Alvarais
Arcanist of the Kirin Tor

[A series of runes follow, indecipherable to any unfamiliar with the framework of the composition.]

[IC] Letter to Vincien Oreth Natesi10
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[IC] Letter to Vincien Oreth
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