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 [The Gilnean Wall] Vorpal's Application - Approved

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[The Gilnean Wall] Vorpal's Application - Approved Empty
PostSubject: [The Gilnean Wall] Vorpal's Application - Approved   [The Gilnean Wall] Vorpal's Application - Approved I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 4:56 am

Name: Justin

Age: 24

Time Zone: Central Standard Time

Characters: Vorpal

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Since around mid 2006

What guilds have you been a part of in the past? What was your rank within them?
The only one on this server would be a Horde guild called House Shadewind. During my stay there I rose to the rank of Underboss. Which would translate to a Senior Officer position.

What is your biggest goal for the Mists of Pandaria expansion?
To have fun. I wish I had a better answer for this.

Other than roleplay, what other aspects of the game do you enjoy?
I do a bit of everything to keep the game fresh. While I have not done hardcore raiding in some time, I like PvE content. On the flip side, while I have never enjoyed arenas, I do love PvP.

How much experience do you have with roleplay, both in-game and outside of it?
In game has been about 3 years. I have roleplayed outside of the game for about 8 years as I attend LARP.

What does metagaming mean to you? Is it ever acceptable?
The expected answer here is no. However that isn't the case. Broadly? Metagaming is bad, it causes problems where there shouldn't be. While hearing OOC on the forums that X person killed Y person and acting upon it in character would be a no no. Having your character wonder toward an area of town where people are so you can roleplay? That is acceptable.

What do you expect from The Vanguard, as a guild?
To have a central group of people I can talk to while I play and interact with when roleplaying. While I will not need to rely on the guild to roleplay, it is a nice feeling to have a character have a niche in the game world.

In-Character Application

Name: Vorpal

Age: Seemingly middle aged. He is unsure.

Sex: Male

Place of Birth: As far as he is aware, Stormwind Harbor.

Caste: Commoner

Unit in The Vanguard applied for?
The Gilnean Wall

Brief Appearance Description:
Middle aged man with hawk-like facial features. Raven black hair with a large amount of stubble gathered on his face. Armor seems to be pristine blue and black leathers.

Brief History Description:
This is a bit complicated, and will sound bad as I explain the short version. He has no memories. They were not wiped, he did not forget them. They seem to have never existed. I have more backstory on this, but it is quite long.

Important Quirks:
Is painfully unaware of many basic things about the world, while is extremely knowledgeable about abstract things.
Is currently unaware that he is a Worgan.

What do you have to offer to the Vanguard, and which contingent are you looking to join?
The Gilnean Wall for the second question. As for what I can offer, I am experanced in roleplaying and the game in general. I enjoy helping folks out and out of character I try to be a decient person an dam fairly easy to get along with. Also I have a case of peaked dalaran red if that helps any. Smile
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[The Gilnean Wall] Vorpal's Application - Approved
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