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 Nicholas Hennessy [Short Character Biography]

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Basic Information
Name: Nicholas Hennessy
Race: Half-Elf, Half-Human (Yes, this is my special snowflake. No, this will never be known IC if I can help it. Get @ Me)
Sex: Male
Age: Youth (16-17)

Physical Description
Height: 5’9”
Build: Slim Athletic
Hair: Dirty blonde, wavy
Eyes: Green
Defining Features: His facial features are quite delicate. He has a faded scar on his left cheek, close to his ear. It’s only visible if one is truly looking for it, certainly not an eyesore.
MRP/TRP: Haven’t got one yet!

History and Personality
Character trades: Pyromancer (both in the sense that he uses fire magic and in the sense that he dabbles with it for divination purposes, which is the actual meaning of the word)
Personality Quirks and Known Habits: None yet. These tend to develop themselves ICly for my characters.
Morality: True Neutral, he does what he views as best at the time, has a good balance of morals and can be selfish at times.
Marital Status: Single
Goals and Dreams: To be the very best, like no one ever was…
Brief History: Trained in Dalaran until recent days, when the chaotic atmosphere in the mage city saw him put at risk. He was kindly escorted out by Vin, and will be around in the future.

Nicholas Hennessy [Short Character Biography] Natesi10
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Nicholas Hennessy [Short Character Biography]
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