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 Branson "Bran" Witherford [Character Biography]

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PostSubject: Branson "Bran" Witherford [Character Biography]   Branson "Bran" Witherford [Character Biography] I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 12:12 am

1. Your full name.
Branson Witherford

2. Occupation.
Soldier. Former Northgate Rebel and former member of the Gilneas Liberation Front

3. Residence.
Stormwind City

4. Birthdate.
October 27th

5. Place of birth.
Gilneas City

I. Childhood.

A. Describe the sort of area you grew up in.
I lived in and around Gilneas City. We lived on a small farm but my father also worked as an on and off guard for a noble family so we needed to stay somewhat close to the city.
B. Childhood friends and enemies and why.
I didn't have too many friends. Other children tended to mock my size. I didn't have any particular enemies either but I'd regularly get into fights with other children who picked on me
C. Hobbies, sports played, etc.
I didn't really have a hobby. I did teach myself to fight at an early age to fend off would-be bullies.
D. Describe the type of homelife you had as a child.
I worked on our farm and did chores around the house like any other child living on the fringes of the city.

II. Family

A. Father's full name.
Alexander Witherford
B. Mother's maiden name.
Elise Carlisle
C. Brothers' names.
D. Sisters' names.
Leanne Witherford
E. Any other relatives?
I had some cousins who lived in Pyrewood. Never heard from them again after the wall went up.

III. Schooling.

A. Education received, and where.
My mother taught me as well as several other kids that lived near us. It was a basic education, enough to get me by.
B. Military Education
I taught myself the basics of fighting as a child. My father taught me to properly fight with arms and armor.
C. Arts, Specialties and other studies
I was never one for the arts. I excelled in combat, so that's what I stuck to.

IV. Life Experience.

A. What made you choose your present occupation?
What else could I do? I fought as a lifestyle before the wall opened back up, so I continue to do so.
B. What did you do before? List odd jobs, etc. How long held and what type?
I worked as a farmhand on my family's land until I moved away. From there I worked as a bodyguard for nobles as my father had until I joined the rebellion.
C. Describe any traumatic experiences in your present occupation that have affected you deeply in some way.
Seeing the world shattered was difficult, but it didn't exactly traumatize me. Nothing much does anymore.
D. Who/what are your role models now and in childhood?
In my childhood, my father as well as the great heroes of the Alliance such as Lord Anduin Lothar and Uther Pendragon. Now, Darius Crowley. At least during my time with the Northgate Rebellion and the Liberation Front.
E. How do your relatives and friends view your present occupation?
Most of my relatives and close family have all passed. My parents, sister, fiancé, in-laws. There's really no one close to me anymore to have an opinion.
F. Who/what had the most personal direct influence on your life? (person or experience)
First and foremost, the Worgen curse. Life isn't exactly the same after you spend time transformed into a feral monster.

V. Skills.

A. What, in your opinion, do you do the best?
Fight. There's nothing I've ever excelled more at.
B. How do you relax?
Spending time alone, away from people tends to help me clear my thoughts.
C. What do you do that you would like to improve on?
I'm content with myself

VI. Personal.

A. Best friend.
Never really had a best friend. Aside from various pets as a child.
B. Worst enemy.
I don't really have a personal enemy.
C. What is your sexual preference, as far as gender goes?
Only women.
D. Current girl/boy friend, or most recent.
I've been single since the death of my fiancé.
E. Is girl/boy friend an occasional date or steady? Are you lovers?
Once again, single.
F. A far as you can tell, how does girl/boy friend view you?
Think about my last two answers.
G. Do you see yourself settling with your current partner?
This is pointless.
H. Are you pure, i.e. virginal?
I. Give a description of the type of place you live in, including a floor plan if possible.
I set up camp in various places I travel to. The closest thing to a permanent home I have are the inns of Stormwind.
J. What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are 'available'?
I'm not really sure.
K. What is your code of honor?
I don't really have one. I treat everyone the same. Respect me, I'll respect you. Fight me, I'll fight back.
L. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
M. Do you have any fears or phobias?
I still have nightmares of when I was feral. More than anything else, I fear losing myself to the curse again.
N. What are your weaknesses?
I have a volatile temper at times.
O. Describe your one 'great' love affair.
I never had an "affair." I've been attracted to plenty of women but the only one I ever been involved with was my fiancé.
P. At present, what is the most important thing to you?
Returning to my home. Stormwind is nice, but I want desperately to return to my previous life.
Q. To what lengths would you go to achieve a goal?
There's nothing I wouldn't do.
R. List bad habits.
I have a temper and I don't always think my actions through.
S. List personal quirks.
I can't really think of any.
T. List vices.
Due to my temper, I have a habit of fighting for trivial reasons. That's about it. I'm not a troubled drinker, drug user or anything of that sort.
U. List good qualities.
I consider myself loyal and respectful unless someone gives me reason not to.
V. List favorite: color, food, clothing, weapons, drink, books, music, etc.
Blue. Free food is my favorite food. I guess If I had to be more specific, smoked venison. Whatever's comfortable. I prefer two-handed swords and battle axes. Fresh water is fine but a good brew here and there never hurt. I've never been one for books and music, though I have read a few history books.
W. What morals do you have?
Good ones?
X. Describe your general personality.
Despite being told I look angry, I like to think I'm a friendly person.
Y. Describe any personal tragedy. Give year, event, people, etc.
I don't just go around talking about these things to anyone.
Z. Who is the last person you would like to run into? Why? What would be your reaction to them?
That disgusting wretch of a creature Sylvanas. Her and her forsaken destroyed my home. I'd gladly rip her into pieces too small to be sewn back together again.

VII. Occupational.

A. What was your greatest failure?
Failing to retake Gilneas. Had the Northgate rebellion succeeded, Gilneas would have been brought back to the Alliance much sooner, preventing the Forsaken invasion and the perhaps even the Worgen curse.
B. What was your greatest triumph?
I don't really have any noteworthy triumphs.
C. What have you done that was considered "outstanding" in your chosen occupation by others in the same field?
I may have been cursed in the process, but I did hold off a pack of Worgen alone. Not really a whole pack, four or five, but some might call that impressive.
D. How do you get along with others in the same occupation?
If everyone was too busy being upset with each other on the battlefield, we'd all die.
E. How important is success in your occupation?
Do or die. Failure isn't exactly an option.
F. What are your long term goals?
Retaking Gilneas. Nothing is more important to me than restoring my home.
G. What are you willing to do to obtain these goals?
Whatever it takes.

VIII. Travel.

A. Do you get: seasick, airsick, motionsick - auto or animal back?
I don't get sick, but I'm not fond of flight.
B. Do you like riding animals - horses, camels, etc.?
My horse is a fine enough means of transportation.
C. Any fears about traveling?
Flight makes me uneasy. But I'm not afraid of it.
D. What steps would you take to travel overseas?
Pack essential supplies and prepare for the trip to take longer than expected. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.
E. What sort of general equipment would you take, excluding personal items such as clothing?
My weapons and extra food and water. That's about it.

IX. List anything else about yourself you think is important such as mannerisms.
I don't think there's anything I really haven't covered for this.

X. Physical.

A. Height
B. Weight
C. Measurements
D. Clothing sizes
Large clothes. I'm big
E. Hair color
F. Hair length
Long. It falls in my face if I do nothing about it.
G. Eye color
They're a bright hazel, almost yellow
H. Handedness
Right handed
I. How attractive do you consider yourself?
I'd say I look good enough.
J. Any birthmarks or scars noticeable to the general public? Where?
Worgen swiped at my face. Left a trail of scars leading down from my chin to my neck.
K. Any birthmarks or scars hidden? Where?
I've got many on my upper torso and arms from fighting Worgen.
L. If your features were destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
I'm a deal larger than most other humans I meet. Even if bones are all that's left, that should help identify me.
M. Do you wear any identifiable jewelry?
N. Do you have any tattoos?
O. What is your most valuable physical asset?
My size.
P. What sort of vocal tone do you have?
Fairly deep. I believe it'd be baritone.
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Branson "Bran" Witherford [Character Biography]
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