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 Marlowe Howell [Character Biography]

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PostSubject: Marlowe Howell [Character Biography]   Marlowe Howell [Character Biography] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 1:19 pm

1. Your full name.
Marlowe Jean Howell
2. Occupation.
Patriot, Healer, Formerly of the Gilnean Liberation Front
3. Residence.
Oldtown, Stormwind City, Forest of Elwynn
4. Birthdate.
February 29, 6 years prior to the close of the Greymane Wall
5. Place of birth.
Duskhaven, Gilneas

I. Childhood.
A. Describe the sort of area you grew up in.
The first portion of my childhood was spent in high society and wealth. Some of that depleted after the curse of the worgen. The second half, after my mother died, was spent away from any one as the worgen curse fell upon our homelands.
B. Childhood friends and enemies and why.
I didn't have very many enemies as a child, but my very best friend was Audra Padfoot who died when I was a teenager.
C. Hobbies, sports played, etc.
A multitude of things including falconry as well as exploration and cross stitching.
D. Describe the type of homelife you had as a child.
Gilneas was very seperated, especially prior to curse of the worgen. I grew up in the higher end, and never wanted. My father was incrediably wealthy and my mother's bloodlines only strengthened his ties to Gilneas high society.

II. Family
A. Father's full name.
Ford Alexander Howell
B. Mother's maiden name.
Wilhemina Jean Silverblade
C. Brothers' names.
D. Sisters' names.
Merlin Marie Howell (Age 17)
E. Any other relatives?
Caeleyn SIlverblade- Cousin

III. Schooling.
A. Education received, and where.
I was educated in the traditional schools first under my father's colleagues and then when I was of age, I was accepted at the higher education institution which he taught at along with many of my high society peers including Liam Greymane; who I was not friends with.
B. Military Education
My 'education' comes from hands on fighting against the Forsaken after Gilneas fell, in which I was an infantrywoman until the time of my injury and evacuation to Teldrassil.
C. Arts, Specialties and other studies
I specialize in stealth as well as some minor spell casting and bomb crafting, though that's more of a hobby.

IV. Life Experience.
A. What made you choose your present occupation?
I didn't exactly chose it. I fell into it to protect my home and my family.
B. What did you do before? List odd jobs, etc. How long held and what type?
Before that, I was a student and a loyalist to my lineage. I did some charity work for the unfortuate unwashed masses of Gilneas City while at the instutute all up until Gilneas began to fall.
C. Describe any traumatic experiences in your present occupation that have affected you deeply in some way.
The attack in which I was given my scar.
D. Who/what are your role models now and in childhood?
As a child, my mother. Now? I guess no one.
E. How do your relatives and friends view your present occupation?
They would be proud, if they were alive. I'd hope.
F. Who/what had the most personal direct influence on your life? (person or experience)
No one. Maybe my own desires.

V. Skills.
A. What, in your opinion, do you do the best?
I'm some what unsure of what I do best. I like to think my feral druid abilities are my forte. Especially prowling, doing sneaky stuff.
B. How do you relax?
Enjoying a nice drink and a book at the local watering hole.
C. What do you do that you would like to improve on?
Simply I'd like to improve all my skills.

VI. Personal.
A. Best friend.
Most of my friends are dead.
B. Worst enemy.
As are my enemies.
C. What is your sexual preference, as far as gender goes?
I'm not biased.
D. Current girl/boy friend, or most recent.
Most recently, was a fling with a woman named Sarah at school. We were never really more than that a fling.
E. Is girl/boy friend an occasional date or steady? Are you lovers?
See above.
F. A far as you can tell, how does girl/boy friend view you?
See above.
G. Do you see yourself settling with your current partner?
H. Are you pure, i.e. virginal?
I. Give a description of the type of place you live in, including a floor plan if possible.
I live in a loft. There's a mattress of the floor, near the love seat. There's a small furnace and a two-seat table and a goblin made bath tub that I borrowed with out permission. The toilet is outside.
J. What is your general reaction to an attractive member of the opposite sex who lets you know they are 'available'?
Those who make it known they are 'available' are generally not my type.
K. What is your code of honor?
Uh. Treat others how you want to be treated?
L. Is there anything you absolutely will not do?
Eat raw fish. That's aweful. What do you mean that's not what you meant by the question?
M. Do you have any fears or phobias?
N. What are your weaknesses?
Are we still talking about the opposite sex... or....
O. Describe your one 'great' love affair.
As I said. Sarah.
P. At present, what is the most important thing to you?
Regaining and restoring Gilneas.
Q. To what lengths would you go to achieve a goal?
I would die for my country.
R. List bad habits.
Nail biting, nose picking, farting, smoking, eaves dropping.
S. List personal quirks.
Hm. Not sure.

T. List vices.
U. List good qualities.
My only good quatlity is my patriotism.
V. List favorite: color, food, clothing, weapons, drink, books, music, etc.
Orange, Pot roast, loose fit cloth, my claws or staff, anything dwarven, all books. Love music, but not really a 'favorite'.
W. What morals do you have?
Loose ones.
X. Describe your general personality.
Clever, kind. I don't know. Friendly?
Y. Describe any personal tragedy. Give year, event, people, etc.
Worgen curse, Fall of Gilneas, Death of my mother. There are etoo many to account for.
Z. Who is the last person you would like to run into? Why? What would be your reaction to them?
The fucker that did this to my face. Do I need to explain? Look at it!!

VII. Occupational.
A. What was your greatest failure?
My inability to protect my father and my home.
B. What was your greatest triumph?
I guess, getting my sister to safety.
C. What have you done that was considered "outstanding" in your chosen occupation by others in the same field?
There is NOTHING outstanding about us. We failed. Our home was destroyed. We will be outstanding when we get it back.
D. How do you get along with others in the same occupation?
Oh, yes.
E. How important is success in your occupation?
See 'C'.
F. What are your long term goals?
See 'C'.
G. What are you willing to do to obtain these goals?
Anything. Nothing but death will stop me.

VIII. Travel.
A. Do you get: seasick, airsick, motionsick - auto or animal back?
No, not really. I don't ride much though.
B. Do you like riding animals - horses, camels, etc.?
I like to BE the animal.
C. Any fears about traveling?
D. What steps would you take to travel overseas?
Master my aquatic form, I guess. Be cool if I could swim anywhere.
E. What sort of general equipment would you take, excluding personal items such as clothing?
I don't need much. Everything I have comes from a spell.

IX. List anything else about yourself you think is important such as mannerisms.
Oh, god. I'm an extreme patriot. As stated many times, I will do anything for my homelands. That's really the most important things.
X. Physical.
A. Height
B. Weight
C. Measurements
20, 18, 22
That's bra, waist, hips.
D. Clothing sizes
Small or extra small.
E. Hair color
Chocolate brown
F. Hair length
Just below shoulder length.
G. Eye color
H. Handedness
Used to be right handed. My hands shake now, so I rarely write.
I. How attractive do you consider yourself?
Next question!
J. Any birthmarks or scars noticeable to the general public? Where?
The scar on my face, incrediably noticable.
K. Any birthmarks or scars hidden? Where?
I have several other little scars all over including the one over my breast, my back. Mostly claw and burn scars.
L. If your features were destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?
Probably the scars, some of the small ones which have been hidden by Druid rune tattoos.
M. Do you wear any identifiable jewelry?
My ears are pierced as well as my nose.
N. Do you have any tattoos?
Some druid rune tattoos in random places over some of the smaller scars I have.
O. What is your most valuable physical asset?
I have none. What I lack in physical, I made up in personality.
P. What sort of vocal tone do you have?
Husky, deep for a woman.

Marlowe's last name has been changed because someone asked me last night if I named her after 50 Shades of Grey.... Shouldn't change much because no one but Caeleyn knows her.... and even SHE doesn't know her!
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Marlowe Howell [Character Biography]
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